Don’t Forget to Follow-Through

If you missed the first 2 parts of this parenting series, click HERE and HERE. Believe it or not, kids thrive on consistency.  Really!  They may rant and rave about how they hate your stupid rules and how you have no idea what the world is like today, but they still thrive when they have structure and consistency.  Research proves...[ read more ]

Don’t be Afraid to Be a Parent

If you missed the first post in this parenting series, be sure to head over & read it HERE. Kids need friends, and they crave acceptance.  Growing up is hard, and the social world that our teens face today is, in many ways, more ruthless than ever.  Finding a safe, reliable friend who will stick with them through thick and...[ read more ]

The 4 DON’Ts When Raising Teens

Source Raising teenagers is never as easy as the 80's sitcom Full House made it seem.  I used to watch that show, and Danny Tanner, the father of three girls, could literally resolve any concern that his teen daughter was going through by the end of a 30 minute episode.  Each time the TV family ran into trouble, things would...[ read more ]

Is Facebook a “Frenemy” for Moms? Three Ways to Make it More FRIEND, Less ENEMY

I still remember having the discussion with my fellow therapists in graduate school about why I didn't like Facebook.  I was the only male of 19 students in the program.  I explained to them, with a self-righteous smirk, that Facebook was just a fad, that it robbed people of real connection, and that I wouldn't become involved with it because...[ read more ]

Toss Your List of New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year's Eve has arrived!  For many of us, that means a party to attend, a day to sleep in, and then a list of goals to consider, commit to, feel overwhelmed by, minimize, and then discard by Valentine's Day.  Sound familiar?May I suggest that instead of making a goal-driven "list of despair," that we focus instead on 2 reachable...[ read more ]

Holiday Tradition Ideas

The Holidays are here!   Source Gifts are being wrapped, family is visiting, and we all hope that we are building memories that will last.  With so many things to get done, you may push yourself to do more and sleep less.  May I suggest that if a happy and meaningful memory is what you're after, the quantity of things...[ read more ]

Traditions- Valentines day

Family rituals can be categorized by the needs they fulfill.  Here are some examples which may seem familiar, and some others which you may want to implement in your own family:Connection rituals are ones for everyday family bonding and emotional connection. Family meals Morning and bedtime routines Arrivals and departures at home  Family outings From small trips to the ice cream store to family vacations...[ read more ]

Must-Haves for a Strong Family: Tradition!

All of us can remember family traditions that we have been a part of at some point in our lives.  Going to a favorite family camping spot, having Thanksgiving dinner with relatives, or even the daily hug we give our young children when we walk in the door. Sometimes family traditions and rituals seem to start on their own, but...[ read more ]

Helping a Child Grieve

Here are some insights in response to the Newtown tragedy. I hope they give comfort and guidance to parents. I wish that there were one perfect way to describe how to help all children grieve a loss. Sadly, there are many different factors which will make a universal answer difficult to provide: the circumstances that a child endures, the support...[ read more ]

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