Holiday Tradition Ideas

Holiday Tradition Ideas

The Holidays are here!  


Gifts are being wrapped, family is visiting, and we all hope that we are building memories that will last.  With so many things to get done, you may push yourself to do more and sleep less.  May I suggest that if a happy and meaningful memory is what you’re after, the quantity of things you are scrambling to get done will be far less important than the MOMENTS you stop to enjoy with your family.  Those are our traditions: those moments and activities we slow down for so that enjoyment and bonding can happen.

A key to remember is that ONE successfully meaningful and bonding moment with your partner or family is worth five activities you scramble to set up with only 50% energy or attention to enjoy them.

More bonding, less rushing for perfection!

In my last post (click HERE to read), I discussed the 4 things we gain from meaningful traditions.  Whether you have only a handful of traditions, or a bunch, I recommend making small additions.  Remember, traditions don’t have to cost money, and they can be as simple as a hug at the door or a few words of love.  Here are some ideas to consider for your holiday time together.

And DON’T FORGET: traditions as a couple should be just as important (if not more so!) than the traditions we share with our children.  Some of these ideas can still be used this season, and others might be good to remember for your next family fest:

Holiday Tradition Ideas
  • Family soap carving (Ivory soap is best, and a plastic knife
  • Caroling, at home or to friends’ homes on Christmas night
  • Game night (turn off your electronics, turn on your social drive)
  • Walking in the city
  • Sledding/Tubing/Skiing
  • Building a snowman
  • Buying the Christmas tree together
  • Breakfast Christmas casserole on Christmas morning
  • Opening one gift on Christmas Eve night
  • Making Christmas pajamas a tradition for each family member (comfy or funny)
  • Reading the Christmas story together / Reenacting the Nativity
  • Advent Wreath (with a candle lit for each Sunday preceding Christmas day)
  • Adding the Baby Jesus to the Nativity set only on Christmas Eve, to remind the family of the focus of that night
  • Anonymous grocery gifting as a family to another home
  • Family talent night
  • Go to a movie matinee on Christmas day
  • Making cookies and treats together, or make a different treat each day of December
  • Go to a Midnight Mass or Christmas concert on Christmas Eve
  • Elf on a Shelf 
  • Visiting people who need family and friends at the holidays
  • Shopping for someone you usually never buy gifts for
  • Old movie night (grab 2-3 movies you grew up watching with your siblings)
  • Making/Decorating gingerbread houses
  • Placing ‘Breakfast Stockings’ in front of the tree for each person (fun breakfast items like juice, fruit, toaster pastries, Jimmy Dean sandwiches, etc.)
  • With a pre-determined amount of money and one hour in the same store, buying stocking stuffers for your partner 
  • Instead of trinkets or sugary treats in your kids’ stockings, try putting a gift card to each child’s favorite restaurant in the stocking (that will then be a family night together in the coming weeks at the child’s favorite place)
  • Make the Christmas tree ornaments together, or use only ornaments that have been given as gifts to each other so that the tree is covered with memories
  • On Christmas day, have the family stay in their pajamas and watch Christmas movies together
  • Host a Christmas Eve party that friends or family can start counting on year after year
  • On Christmas Eve or Christmas night, turn off the lights and use only candles or fireplace while watching movies or playing games or singing
  • Have a box (like a shoe box) on the mantel and for each good deed that a child does, they add one piece of hay to the box in the hope that by Christmas Eve, there will be enough hay for a “manger”
  • Couples can have the 12 Days of Love, for which both partners find places to leave a note each day for each other
  • Make a meaningful gift for your partner (Click HERE for some fun, quick ideas!)
  • And don’t forget to look at my Pinterest page for many more ideas!
  • Remember, families start building traditions, but in the end, traditions build families!
    I would love to hear your Christmas traditions!  Please comment here or on our Facebook page!

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        I love these traditions! There are a few I want to add to our list. Thank you for sharing!

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