Traditions- Valentines day

Traditions- Valentines day

Family rituals can be categorized by the needs they fulfill.  Here are some examples which may seem familiar, and some others which you may want to implement in your own family:

Connection rituals are ones for everyday family bonding and emotional connection.

  • Family meals
  • Morning and bedtime routines
  • Arrivals and departures at home 
  • Family outings
  • From small trips to the ice cream store to family vacations
  • Visits to and from extended family
  • Family celebrations (holidays, baptisms, weddings, etc.)
  • Remember that a routine becomes a ritual/tradition according to the symbolism and meaning  that it holds for us
Love rituals are for making individual family members feel special, and for developing intimacy between partners.
  • Examples of rituals to make a family member feel special:
    • Birthday observance (parties, cake, singing, gifts, etc.)
    • Mother’s Day / Father’s Day
    • One-on-one outings
    • Observing life-stage advancements (graduation, driver’s license, work promotion, personal accomplishment, etc.)
  • Examples of rituals to develop intimacy between partners:
    • Anniversaries
    • Valentine’s Day
    • “Inside jokes,” and communication that is only understood between partners
    • Calling / texting during the day to keep partners aware of stressors, successes, needs
    • Dating / courting before AND AFTER marriage
    • Physical affection

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